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Mapleton, Iowa - Rural Beauty with a Touch of Class

Shopping          "Mapleton has it!"

A day of shopping in Mapleton is a treat many do not expect to find. Are you looking for hardware or yard supplies? Mapleton has it! Is furniture or products for your home what you are looking for? Mapleton has it! Looking for supplies for that do it yourself project or a professional craftsman to do it for you? That's right, Mapleton has it! Looking for car repairs or better yet a new or used car? Mapleton has it! Need the fixins for a meal for twenty or a romantic dinner for two? You guessed it, Mapleton has it! 

Whether you are shopping for your family and need to pick up a video for after dinner or shopping for a watch for juniors graduation, there is no need to go anywhere else. "Mapleton has it!"

And when you want to meet for lunch or go out for an evening and enjoy a fine meal, Mapleton has that too!

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"It's just great shopping here."

Mary Ann Schulz

"I love shopping in Mapleton because it's so convenient. Everyone knows who you are and shopping becomes 
very social!"

Lindsey Carothers

Visit our Business Directory to discover the wonderful businesses located in Mapleton.

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