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Maple Valley Development, Inc. (MVDI) is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to further the economic development of the Mapleton area. MVDI was incorporated in 1988 and has been working for improving Mapleton and the surrounding communities.

Mapleton has had numerous economic development organizations dating back to the 1950's. MVDI was formed as a response to the possible loss of Mapleton's only medical clinic. The corporation was successful in recruiting two doctors to Mapleton and was instrumental in the construction of a new medical clinic in the early 1990's. 
During the past twenty five years, MVDI has been involved in a variety of projects both large and small. In 1999, the corporation spearheaded
the renovation of the Mapleton Pool. Four years later, MVDI took a
lead role in supporting Maple Valley School's bond issue for a new
high school and gymnasium.

MVDI works closely with the City of Mapleton, Monona County Economic Development Partnership, (MCEDP) and other local organizations to develop funding, plans and programs to further economic development in Mapleton and surrounding area.

During the past two years, MVDI has provided financial assistance to ten or more businesses in Mapleton. Some of the these businesses were new (startups). Others were planning expansion and/or relocation. Other businesses were in the process of being sold and at risk of not obtaining a buyers.

MVDI took the lead role in bringing a major new employer to town, Revival Animal Health. MVDI provided a generous financial assistance package, purchased an existing building and undertook extensive renovations (including a new roof), and assisted the firm with the relocation. As a result, Revival has hired twenty local employees with plans to hire ten more in 2007.

Other projects that MVDI is currently working on include:
a) Maintaining a community website;
b) Providing monthly financial assistance to ten local businesses;
c) Established a Foundation to award money to community service organizations;
d) Working on a Main Street beautification plan.

 We Need Your Support
MVDI has a history of providing financial help to new and existing businesses. The corporation's only source of funding has been membership dues of $100 per year. Because the number of annual memberships hovers between fifty and one hundred, Our ability to fund new and existing businesses is directly related to the financial support of our members. MVDI receives no operating funds from the City of Mapleton or any other group or organization. Our funding comes mainly from membership fees.
For more information on becoming a member of MVDI click here.

Financial Support for New and Existing Businesses
MVDI uses a number of criteria in deciding to provide financial assistance to new and existing businesses in the Mapleton area. Among the criteria are:

a) How many jobs are being created (or retained)?
b) What is the annual payroll of the jobs?
c) What positive effects will the business have on Mapleton and the surrounding area?
d) How will the business improve the taxable property base?
e) Will this business likely lead to other new businesses locating in Mapleton?
f) What is the likelihood that his business will survive and grow?
g) Does this business have a viable business plan?
h) Does this business provide a needed product or service?
i) What are the possibilities for employment growth?
j) What are the financial needs of this business? Are alternate sources of funding available?
k) Will our financial assistance harm any existing businesses in the Mapleton area?

Funding Decisions
Individuals and businesses seeking funding from MVDI are asked to fill out an application form. The MVDI board, consisting of six members and the president, evaluate the application using the above
criteria. Typically, the board makes a decision within thirty days of the application submittal. 

We Need YOU!
MVDI is a volunteer organization working for the betterment of OUR town! Our ability to make a difference depends on the volunteer efforts of its members. Contact MVDI today and join the team working for Mapleton's progress.

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